Authentic Buddhist Prayer Bead Mala

Buddhist Mala Blessed by Real Monks for Protection

Buddhist  know that the purpose of using Buddhist Mala for Meditation is to free yourself from the material world.   Buddhist Monk’s don’t use Mala with non native gemstones, or inspired jewelry  to perform Japa Meditation.  Why would you?  For the pure Buddhist and Yoga practitioner … Now you can use the same Buddhist Prayer Beads that Monks use.


If you have been anywhere in Asia, or just seen photo’s online of Buddhist Monks, you will notice that you will never see Monk’s wearing or using Buddhist Mala’s they got from Ebay or Amazon.  These retailers will often buy beads in bulk from China, and/or create what is termed “Inspired Jewelry”.  Often this inspired jewelry will incorporate the many integrated spiritual beliefs of the designer.  Monk’s on the other hand; wear simple mala prayer beads – not something that is stylish, made with expensive or precious stones from outside their local area.

Monks understand that the purpose of the Buddhist Mala is to be worn for personal protection/devotion, and to be used as a counting method for meditation.  Now you too can use the same Buddhist Prayer Beads that Monks wear.  And as an extra bonus our Mala come with an individual Monk Blessing for your good fortune.

buddhist prayer beads with monk
Buddhist Mala blessed by monk

At Monk Mala, we allow the unique opportunity for people who want real Buddhist Prayer Beads; sourced, made, used and blessed by Buddhist Monks in Asia. Our Buddhist Mala are made by local people with local materials – At Monk Mala, we sell genuine Buddhist Prayer Beads that are

The same type of Beads used and worn by Monks


Mala that has been Blessed by Real Monks with powerful protection.

certified authentic mala

Each Mala Certified as Authentically Blessed

Our Buddhist Mala are the real thing, sourced and manufactured in Tibet, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.  In addition to being 100% genuine, your Mala Prayer beads have been magically blessed by Sak Yant Monks before packaging for

Safe Travel

Inner Peace

Good Luck

Personal Protection

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